SUMMER NEWSLETTER 2017 – Pilgrimage season is here again!
CORNISH PILGRIMAGE – Cornwall Hospice Care
Itinerary to be published soon. Walked annually to raise awareness and create fundraising opportunities throughout the communities en-route; we also walk the Gwennap Section on August Bank Holiday and host events locally where appropriate.

THE OUNDLE PILGRIMAGE SUPPORTING SUE RYDER THORPE HALL – Visit the Pilgrimage Section of the author’s website:
for an overview of the new route

This year’s Oundle Pilgrimage in honour of Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall will takes place on Saturday 12th August when we hope the public will turn out for a day’s fundraising and promotion of our local charity.
The information below explains in detail ways in which the public can either participate and/or make a donation to this worthy cause.

THE SUE RYDER TRAIL (Founded as an annual fundraising route).
This new Pilgrimage trail, marked with scallop shells and yellow-taped sign posts, provides a circular 17-mile walk (with an optional 4 mile extension loop via Islip) starting from St Peter’s Church in Oundle. We believe the route will make a good day out in the country for many, though there are 2 smaller 5-6 mile walks, also starting from the church, which we have designed for young family groups; or for those heading off in search of a pub lunch!

The full Oundle Pilgrimage was formed in 2010 as a ‘Tourist Discovery Route’ for visitors to the Nene Valley, and runs for 46 miles as a circular trail from the church (also cycle route – 40 miles). It can be done any time of the year, though previously each August on its anniversary we have dedicated a weekend of walking to Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall as a thank you for looking after many beloved friends from Oundle whom received palliative care there.

Dean Ingram was a much-loved son of Oundle whom the Pilgrimage was largely dedicated too and we like to remember him each year that we do this walk. A quiet moment in the church to think of Dean would be much appreciated.

A detailed website/guide with GPS maps of the original pilgrim route is available at:

This year’s fundraising walk along the ‘Sue Ryder Trail’ will still be held on the Farmer’s Market Saturday from 8.30am (St Peter’s Church). Those who can’t make Saturday can still do their pilgrimage on Sunday providing they have registered before hand.

For details about this year’s walks visit:
To contact Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall about the event and how to support them contact:
Joely Garner or Megan Errington on: 01733 225 943.
Thorpe Road, Peterborough, PE3 6LW.

Participation is of course free and available anytime, but because this event is held in support of charity, walkers are encouraged to purchase a Pilgrimage Guide and Passport to obtain stamps of authenticity from locations en-route (with details of the route and walk) beforehand. Guides and passports cost £5 each, and the full amount will go to Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall. There are no costs deducted from your donation.

If you prefer not to buy either the Guide or the Passport, then any donation you can make is welcome. Please note you will need to register to obtain an Oundle Pilgrimage Certificate from Sue Ryder on completion of your journey (See section below).

1. OUNDLE BAPTIST’S (No. 1 St Osyth’s Lane)
Pilgrims can register on the 12th from 8.30am (prior to starting at St Peter’s Church) at Oundle Baptists, 1 St Osyth’s Lane, Oundle PE84BG. TEL: 01832 770010 (office). Email:
Participants will also have the opportunity to register on the Friday (11th Aug) between 10am – 12 noon.
A Registration Package will cost £10 and will include Booklet/guide, Passport and sponsor form with info package on how your money will be spent on palliative care; those fundraisers who have registered will receive a certificate from Sue Ryder; an additional Oundle Pilgrimage certificate can be purchased for £3 (proceeds also to charity).

Registration will take place from 5th August from 8am -noon – please contact Carol Underwood for details: 01832 275433. You can also register here on the morning of 12th: Oundle Volunteer Action, Council Offices/’The Hub’, Glapthorne Road (near the library), Oundle.

Coleman’s, Oundle

We aim to raise in excess of £2,000 through collection jars, registration fees and sponsor forms; participants requiring extra sponsor forms for individual fundraising can contact Thorpe Hall. We also encourage people to use online Justgiving Services to help accumulate sponsorship; confirmation of amounts raised will entitle pilgrims to a Sue Ryder Oundle Pilgrimage Certificate.

The Justgiving page inviting the public to support this event is:

Promotional videos with live footage about this year’s walk can be viewed on websites and social media.
The new route is already on the Pilgrimage section of Robin Moore’s website.

In addition to the Oundle Pilgrimage Justgiving Page, Sue Ryder Collection Jars are available for public donations at all inns en-route, and proprietors have kindly offered to promote the cause by displaying posters – Sue Ryder will empty the jars and count the proceeds by the Autumn. Fundraisers are also in place for the Co-op Collection where we will invite the public to make a donation.

1. Rose & Crown Evening Event And Live Music/ Tambola Draw. The pub will be doing a barbecue throughout the evening to ensure all walkers are fed!

2. Sue Ryder Stall outside Rose & Crown has been arranged for the morning of 12th August Farmer’s Market Saturday. Contact the proprietor, Simon to find out more, opening times ect.

EBOOKS – Online Registration Page Is an option we are looking at but is not yet in place (as soon as booklet guide PDF is ready we can look at this). The Page would need to include guide, passport and sponsor form; contact details will need to be registered if a certificate is required.
Sue Ryder will supply fundraising certificates for all who raise funds during the Oundle Pilgrimage.

Posters are in place and the church will be open from 8.30am Saturday 12th August. And there will be a Stamp Press available to authenticate Pilgrim Passports; other churches will also be contacted to provide the same where possible.

The centre no longer sells books but all Promotion/posters are now in place.

Some passports and original pilgrim guides (including the shorter routes and cycle trail), and a ledger book for registration are already at the appropriate centres.
Information about the New Route is now available on the pilgrimage section of
Also available at:

THE SUE RYDER FUNDRAISING ROUTE (on the pilgrimage website we will title it ‘The Sue Ryder Trail’).
Route now marked in yellow circular bands of tape.
Posters are now exhibited at all relevant inns and churches advertising the event.
I have arranged access to St Peter’s Church for 12th August; there will be a stamp press next to the visitor book.



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